Reflection: self in others

Last night I hung out one on one with a guy I’ve known some time, RS.

He’s a relatively good friend of BB, hang out with him at Pumpjacks. Honestly, his entering the bar usually coincides with my patience leaving it. But hanging out with him last night, I got to know a far more interesting, if far more troubling, guy.

Basically, he has sleep and anxiety problems. More than that, he has motivational problems. Like me.

Patients like him were a nightmare. Not so much for me, but for the system, and even the profession. They expose our shortcomings as healers. Someone may feel awful. They may want to feel better. But they don’t feel better, when the only thing standing in the way is wanting it enough.

Addiction is a similar problem. If only I didn’t want heroin, I wouldn’t use it, and it wouldn’t be a problem. But I do want it, so I get it, and so I use it. The want itself is standing in the way.

I tend to think of these deranged wants as just a negative manifestation of the fact that we don’t have free will. All our wants and thoughts are predetermined: it’s only when there’s a conflict between them that we are aware of the problem.

It’s Scaevolian. Gaius Mucius throwing his hand into the fire. If you were threatened with death, or whatever the worst thing you can’t even imagine is, unless you held your hand over a candle, how long could you hold out? 30 seconds? Five minutes? Days?

By definition of the problem, you have to choose between severe, localized pain (a bad, but by definition not the worst thing possible) and the worst thing possible. Obviously, the rational choice is to avoid the worst thing possible. But none of us would be able to do it.

Ugh, this certainly isn’t my most coherent thinking. My mind’s a bit sludgy at this point. Maybe some more crystal will help.

Machismo, bottoming, and reconciliation: Fuck me, you pussy

Well, lot’s of material to update, but not the inclination. Long story short, I’ve sought asylum in Mexico (from heroin, not hegemony). Plan to stay about three months. I figure even if I’m paying tourist rates, it beats $150/day on dope, although my money is dwindling rapidly. Maybe I’ll meet a sugar daddy. That would solve everything for as long as I could stand it.

But that’s not what this is about. I’m finally sexually active again, for the first time, in God, months and months. Not only that, but I’ve returned to my Torontonian level of sluttiness. Dropping heroin certainly helps, but only with motivation, not opportunity. Even when my Dr. gave me legit testosterone because my levels were 7% that of the reference population, it only helped with libido. Libido needs something to act on. And in the chthonic drives of sex and drugs, drugs win.

Anyway, different from my other visits to Puerto Vallarta, most of my encounters have been with locals. Usually, I go for tourists, if simply to avoid the language barrier, but they ain’t biting. Rather standoffish even.

Given my comparatively tiny sample size, and my complete lack of reading up even the Wikipedia article on machismo in Latin cultures, I’m pretty much just putting this into my ass. May loom on racist. Biased at the very least.

But here’s what I’ve noticed:

1) Fierce possessiveness. Within thirty minutes of hooking up, boyfriend requests were made. Exclusivity included. One is certainly using me, so I get wanting to protect an asset. But the other is independent. And yet they both insisted in this weird way. Male possessiveness is pretty common, but this had a mewling sense to it. Please, make me yours. Not: You are mine, the typical narrative.

The requests were absolutely ludicrous, but I totally agreed (obviously in word, not action). I do this with unreasonable requests. If you have no moral cause to demand something of me, then I will pay lip-service to keep the peace.

I guess the cultural story around this would be male pride. But the desperate, begging quality to it had a distinctly unmasculine vibe. Why would this be? Is this the bleeding through of the partial femininity gay men necessarily possess? Is it third-world inferiority complex? Is it the global racism that sees me as more valuable than them?

Who knows? I won’t honor their requests, and who knows how long it will last, but I’m starting to feel conscious of condom and viagra counts. That’s a pretty clear indication of loss of possession.

2) Bottoming. The masculine bottom/feminine top is nothing new, but these guys take it somewhere else.

Choch fulfills the typical power bottom paradigm, which I’m sure has been covered elsewhere. But he’s easily got 75 lbs of personal trainer over my winnowy, junkie frame and could crush me with a pinch. What we usually say of these people, gay and straight, is blah blah power in every day life. The sack is where they get the freedom to be “weak”, i.e. fucked.

Cabman is more of a mystery. He (well, we) do a bunch of crystal meth before getting to it. That may be all the explanation needed. But his English is poor and he’s cagey, so some things I would just ask him, I can’t. He does this infuriating thing where he switches to Spanish when I ask a reasonably pointed question, when I’m pretty sure he understands and doesn’t want to answer. Or he’s just fried. He’s hardly the worst tweaker I’ve seen, but they’re not the best at coherence and consistency.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure he said he was married. Divorced a year? He might have also mentioned a 1 year old son, but I might have imagined that. Hard to judge by his behaviour. As a cabbie, he has total license to fuck guys all night without suspicion, then return to his crumbling marital bed. Other evidence is he won’t kiss me on the lips. That smells of ties to another. Or avoiding emotion. Or, and this is a suprisingly common story, kissing would be too gay under the burden of machismo. Getting tweaked out and fucked is just physical. Getting tweaked out and fucked and a peck on the lips is gay. Happy to cuddle though. Maybe it’s just my breath.

3) Mentorship. Both are very into telling me how I should do things.

It’s not bossiness, and certainly not for their benefit, but they have a strong desire to teach me the right way to do things. I’m younger than them (9 by Cabman, probably 20 by Choch), and gentle, and fair-skinned, and deferent (entirely because of the language barriers and desire to avoid an argument). This neoteny can have a powerful effect on people, and all my life I’ve exploited it. But why some and not others?

Choch might be attributable to personal trainers. I generally loathe them. Their understanding of what information and bias is is generally piss-poor, and yet they’re “experts”, in my wheelhouse, no less, with the physical evidence to back it up. When I’ve chimed “metaanalyses say that stretching doesn’t do anything” they retort with a condescending look at my paunch and veinless arms.

But he goes way beyond the body. I drink wrong (not drinking is wrong, but that my tastes are), the Viagra and alcohol will give me a heart attack. I finally flung the M-bomb at him, but to no avail. Even all my sophistry with nitric oxide inhibition and phospholipid membrane permeability didn’t get him to back off.

Cabman is less all-knowing. Mainly it’s about crystal. This may be my first time in 8 years, but I’m a 15 year user, I damn well know how to hold a pipe. But every time I’m corrected. I wonder if his wife got this. Has his behaviour been reinforced for twenty years of Latina societal deference?

For the purpose of this article, let’s hellageneralize and say that this is an expression of manhood. Men lead. Men teach. Just because I’m fucking them, doesn’t mean they lose that privilege. Masculinity salvaged through strategic deployment of power.

In the long, long heroin times without sex (and with plenty of isolation) I didn’t have to think about people too closely. I suppose I don’t now. But what else is tweaking for?

I guess what poked me enough to write this is the top-bottom politics of it all. Bottoms are, well, at the bottom. Tops are coveted. Vers don’t exist (I’m really a bottom, you know, just in denial). It’s about the silliest division among our community that I can imagine.

Having sex is a very personal (or public, if that’s what floats your boat) matter of taste. You like what you like. Maybe there’s a reason for it, maybe not. But even this becomes a battlefield for gender politics to play out. Queers were supposed to be better than that. But that’s not how anyone works. If power has a chance to separate, it will. Someone’s always gotta be the bitch, whatever their dick does.


Arschlecker, Brown-noser, Pendejo, Butt-monkey. Many, if not most, languages have ass-based vulgarities


Hernia, heartache, and heroin: the paralysis of embarrassment

I started this blog on a bus, so a bus is a fitting place for its resuscitation. Different one, of course. One only needs to cross the Rockies once to get the idea. Being born amongst natural beauty tends to spoil it for life.

Still, it’s always a nice trip. This way.

I spend Christmas week at my parents, detoxing myself with the Suboxone I’ve collected over the past few months. It’s pretty cheap on the streets, too. Next time, I won’t subject myself to the medical system and just pick it up myself. I have the training. Not that it matters.

Anyway, this post was a long time coming. Heroin and embarrassment can keep a man down. That’s not embarrassment about the heroin, mind you, but embarrassment about a lack of productivity, even this personal productivity of Deviance Break.

I don’t know too much about the psychology and evolution of embarrassment. It seems animals have it. Affronted pride? Is that what it is? Do animals have pride? Besides lions, of course.

Certainly it’s meant to constrain socially undesireable behaviour. And it does that well. Embarrassment keeps people from saying and doing a lot of things. Probably for their own good. But it does tend to get into a terrible feedback loop.

You see this a lot in medicine. A patient developes a problem: one either too minor or embarrassing to go to the doctor immediately. Hernia’s are common. Foot stuff too.

One time, when I was on Gen Surg, a woman came in for hernia reduction and repair. Being the clerk, I was the first point of contact, and my meekness probably emboldended her.

It started like they all do, a little golf ball to the side of the groin. Not painful. Probably kind of fun to play with, pushing it in and out. Once it got to cantaloupe size, the embarrassment was overridden, so she went to her local general surgeon. He lambasted her for her weight – always a bad idea – and once again, the embarrassment took priority.

She went out of the system for what? Gotta be over a year. By the time I saw her, it was the size of a watermelon. She was a big woman, but a watermelon can’t be hidden.

I tried hefting it, but I thought that might ruffle her more, so instead, I got on my hands and knees and examined the underside from the floor.

Venous stasis changes. Crusty ulceration and purple patches of hemosiderin. Thank God she had probably never seen the underside. It was far more embarrassing than the benign, fleshy bulb as seen from above. Could have sent her underground until it was the size of a beach ball.

See, that’s what I’m talking about. Something embarrasses you into inaction, which worsens the thing in the first place, which further embarrasses, and further paralyzes.

Diabetic foot too. If they didn’t go in when their toes were red and itchy, does it really warrant going in when they’re purple and dusky? And if not purple and dusty, surely by the time dry gangrene has set in – black and mummified – it’s too late. So why bother? Doesn’t hurt anymore.

Genital stuff too. Poor gay kid from the sticks probably first thought about going to the doctor when the little skinless patch under the head of his dick stayed raw for a little longer than usual. But meh, it usually heals on its own, right? So by the time the glans was hanging by 50% less due to the Behcet’s or whatever (normal STIs won’t chew through your dick), he didn’t have much recourse.

The loop must be broken to get out. Same with this post. I was embarrassed by my inaction, which only perpetuated it.

Certainly the heroin didn’t help. The last couple of months have just been an exercise in indolence. I know productivity will make me feel better, but just didn’t seem like much point. I need a taskmaster.

But this post officially breaks the embarrassment. Good thing too, because when I got back to Vancouver today, couple hours after writing this post, something a thousand times more embarrassing – and more exciting – than late blog posts came out.

Stay tuned.

Opioid dysgeusia: heaven tastes like hell

It’s pretty well established in junkie-lore that you can taste dope after your shot, even if you don’t lick the site. Something just buzzes on your tongue, and whatever flavor profile (vinegary, bitter) pops up for a brief second.

I’ve looked into it briefly in the past and came up with nothing. Years ago, I told a med school friend about it, with “HTF?” appended. How is that possible? He was big into neuro, and he couldn’t come up with anything. Moreover, he explained that it will probably never be known. It’s not important research to do.

Not even from a basic science perspective? I mean it’s pretty bizarre. That alone usually warrants investigation.

But besides that…

The last couple of weeks have been messy. First the dope got really good. Then I decided to actually start taking my Suboxone (my immediate moneys are dwindling fast at $150+/day). Then the dope started getting really bad. Then the tent city was demolished, and the Downtown Eastside became a shit show again, further destabilizing the dope market.

Anyway, soon after I started the Suboxone, I got this powerful dysgeusia – abnormal, unpleasant sense of taste and smell. Everything was just revolting, worst being cigarettes, followed by my hands, followed by the room. The bad dope smelled especially bad. TK pinpointed it well: it was the taste of multivitamin (a highly probable cut – the light beige that Vancouver’s dope is these days is pretty hard to replicate from other pills or household powders). That dim, meaty umami taste. Not rotted meat exactly, but like meat that wasn’t quite grown right.

It was so powerful that on Tuesday night, I bolted awake at 0200 retching. I hadn’t eaten anything for days, so there was nothing to come up, and my stomach pushed and cramped its little froth out. After two hours of chills, rigors, and intermittent vomiting, I found a solution. I wanted something to obliterate my flavor senses, but couldn’t come up with anything. If I couldn’t amputate my nose and tastebuds, maybe I could placate them somehow.

The nosegay. Before the germ theory of disease, we thought that sickness spread through miasma: bad air that drifted up from swamps and sick people. Reasonably close, but completely wrong. To combat the foul vapors, all one needed were some pleasant ones. Women would hold little tussie-mussies under their noses as they passed the corpses in the streets. Plague doctors would stuff their beaks with camphor and rose petals.

Obviously, these were completely ineffective against Yersinia, but I wasn’t fighting an actual bug, just my own deranged nose. It’s not nearly so adapted.

First I rubbed toothpaste under my nostrils. When that didn’t work, I rubbed deodorant on my philtrum. It actually worked! It was still unpleasant. I don’t like the sticky, chemical tang of deodorant, but it broke the revulsion enough that I didn’t retch.

Have you guys got this? I often get hypersensitive to smells when dopesick, but never like this before, never to the point of vomiting. What works for you? Is it from the precipitated dopesickness from the Suboxone, or a side effect of the Suboxone itself? Unless it actually goes away, I won’t be able to complete my course.

Oh well, it’s not working very well anything.


Astroturfing and Advertorials: CMRSI sponsoring ICA to host ISV is BAD

The whole process of going of tracking down CMSRI led me to write the last post, but here’s what set it off.

I got my reply. When you go with Kenes, you go with quality!

Dear (my real name),

Thank you for your inquiry. Indeed, we are planning to hold the 4th International Symposium on Vaccines at the 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity. This symposium is an educational course that is supported by CMSRI, a research institute dealing with vaccine safety among other things. The program of the course is determined by the Congress Scientific Committee. In 2014 EACCME accredited the course for 3 credits. We will apply for accreditation also in 2016. Since the support does not come from a for-profit company of the pharma/medical device industry, rather from a non-profit research and patient-advocacy institution, ICA endorses the ISV as part of its official (pre-Congress) program.
You can read more about the 3rd International Symposium on Vaccines and CMSRI on these websites:

Best regards,

Anna (her last name)
Autoimmunity Congress Secretariat and Personal Assistant
Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP
Head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases

OK, guess I’ll take this step by step.

1) CMRSI – Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute

When you look that up, you pretty quickly see that it’s not really an Institute, not how we usually think of them. Institutes do research. CMRSI is a funding agency. And despite the broadish names, their only interest is vaccine safety. And they have a hard-on for aluminum.

2) Claire Dwoskin

She’s the recurrent name on the page. In fact, it seems pretty much she’s the whole thing. Funded by her husband. Championing for “the twins.” (oh, that felt tacky. Yuck, sorry for that. But yeah, probably someone close to her she sees as hurt by vaccination. Whether or not this was a legitimate association, who knows).

Googling her brings you to this guy, Todd W. His site on her goes through how the Dwoskin Family Foundation has moved and shook the scene with their deep pockets.

Then, while on that page, you see some of her pet researchers…

3) Christopher A Shaw

Then you go to his defunct, out-of-date UBC website. Untouched since 2010. But you can Google his personal site next down. And there he upfrontly says that he gave up traditional funding in 2011 (NIH, Alzheimer’s Society) and has been solely funded by Dwoskin since then.

And you see Lucija Tomljenovic. Tomljenovic is one of his post docs. You do what the boss says, but as a post doc, you don’t join unless you agree.

4) Lucija Tomljenovic

She was with him a while. Publishing up until Nov 2013. Here’s a selection of her publications and – the point of this post! – her disclosures.

In that first one, while at UBC with Shaw. In a Dwoskin lab, she declares no conflict. But it’s “no commercial entity” the charitable status gets her out of it.

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease: after a century of controversy, is there a plausible link?

The author has no actual or potential conflict of interest in this manuscript or in the work that is the subject of this manuscript. No commercial entity paid or directed, or agreed to pay or direct, any benefits to the author or to any research fund, foundation, educational institution, or other charitable or non-profit organization with which the author is affiliated or associated

Association between vaccination and Guillain-Barré syndrome

YS has served as an expert witness in cases involving vaccine adverse reactions in the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. LT declares that she has no conflicts of interest.

Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and Primary Ovarian Failure: Another Facet of the Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants

An informed consent has been received from the patients present their cases. Y Shoenfeld has served as an expert witness in cases involving adverse vaccine reaction in the no-fault U.S. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. LT, SC and CP declare no conflict of interests. The authors thank the Dwoskin Family Foundation for support.

Administration of aluminium to neonatal mice in vaccine-relevant amounts is associated with adverse long term neurological outcomes.

The authors thank the Dwoskin Family Foundation and the Katlyn Fox Foundation for their financial support. We are also grateful to Agripina Suarez and other laboratory members for their assistance.

Other point. While there, she meets Yehuda Shoenfeld. And where do we know that name?

Anna (her last name)
Autoimmunity Congress Secretariat and Personal Assistant
Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP
Head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases

He’s the head of the ICA. Looking his name up….

5) Yehuda Shoenfeld

Oh, he’s on CMRSI’s Scientific Advisory Board too!

No wonder he had no objections to ISV being a sponsored session.

DB, what is your point?!

Sorry guys. Yeah, this isn’t meant to look like some conspiracy theory or anything. These people were all relatively upfront. Disclosed when they had to (but usually only then). I certainly wouldn’t and couldn’t file a complaint with this information.

But you get it right? This isn’t all neat and clean. When you look just a little into this bastion of objective truth, you come out with questions. OK, so CMRSI is Big Anti Vaccine. ISV is a puppet arm of that. What does that make the ICA? The secretariat is certainly an ally of these folks. How influenced is ICA by Big Anti Vaccine.

Another point. I don’t particularly care about this topic. And I don’t want to rag on these researchers in particular. They’re just doing what the system guides them to.

It’s just helpful that on one hand, we have a medical consensus: Vaccines are great! They might have some downsides, but all medicine does, but they are overwhelmingly a good thing!

And on the other hand: throw a bit of money at some people, and you can get your anti vaccine symposium onto a major world medical conference.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, but if you’ve read my last post, you can get an idea of where I’m going with this.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to look/think/email about starting a database of funders. I should be able to go to the ICA’s website and see immediately “Oh, their principal sponsors are X, Y, and Z, and their Secretary has a deep relationship with X. How does this bias these results?”

We’re relatively good at it with industry – there’s been rules for decades. But these Institutes and Astroturfers. What is the authority on them? Where can you find their interests?

Wish me luck.

Or death, if you happen to be receiving a fair bit of nonindustry funding.



Astroturfing and Advertorials: CMSRI sponsoring ISV at ICA is BAD

OK, so I’ve looked around, and I’m exhausted. More of that in a moment.

GS asked me why I was doing this? He asked this in the small sense (what do I particularly want to accomplish with these posts) rather than the large (why am I railing about the flakiness of knowledge instead of staying in medicine), and after this latest bout of research, I think I have an answer.

Over the years – after the humiliations of Big Tobacco, then Big Oil, then Big Pharma – we realized that money can influence science. We thought this was bad. We’ve called it conflict of interest. We require researchers to declare if studies were funded by someone with a commercial interest in the outcome, one way or another.

Great! I completely agree. But it falls short.

We act as if only money has this overriding influence – people and organizations will only seek to derail scientists (who wholeheartedly maintain themselves as dedicated to the truth) if they stand to get rich. Or not get poor, in the case of punitive lawsuits. We completely neglect that people have multiple motivators that can cause them to want the truth to come out in a certain form. Big Anti-Vaccine doesn’t necessarily have a financial interest (although with all the books, lectures, CAM alternatives, attention – which is as good as cash in this world – there certainly are some within the movement who are profiting). But they have an interest nonetheless.

Their money can buy science just as easily as Novartis’s.

To this end, all funding should be listed. Simple.

Some Knowledge Regulators already have this requirement, but clearly not enough (more about this below).

I want more transparency than that though. CMSRI is a Big Anti-Vaccine group. How do you communicate that in a funding declaration? When you can call yourself whatever you want, and you can change your name whenever you want, what does a declaration matter?

That Beall guy has his list of corrupt, untrustable journals. A similar list for researchers? Would that work?

Maybe a little. But here my central thesis is that ALL researchers are corruptible. It’s not the individuals. It’s the money. We all do it.

Maybe I’m looking at this backwards. Maybe we shouldn’t be thinking of this by where the money ends up, but by where the money starts.

A crowdsourced database of funding agencies? Where their money comes from. What their goals are. Whom they prey on.

That actually sounds pretty reasonable. Get the regulators to require complete disclosure of funding. Grow a database of who those funders are, and what they want.

That takes out most of the work for the Knowledge Users. Users – the public, other scientists, professional bodies – could look at a Knowledge Product – a journal, article, conference – and look at the Knowledge Influencers – the funding bodies, Big X, governments – to make their assessment.

Right now, that’s the piece that’s missing.

OK. Phew. That was exhausting again. I think I’ll post the CMSRI stuff separately.


Astroturfing and Advertorials: 3rd International Symposium on Vaccines

At the crumbly part at the top of the rabbit hole I’m going down, there is the 3rd International Symposium on Vaccines.

My friend GS asked me what I thought of it earlier today, and I’ve spent most of the day between shots thinking about it and researching it.

I’ll try to summarize.

OK, so you go to the site and it looks legitimate, right? The 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity has registered their conference with conference booking company Kenes. And as part of the Congress, they are having a symposium. This is pretty common, little sub-conferences to a main conference. Often, they’re done as “streams” or something like that, but this doesn’t raise any red flags.

You can see Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute are a prominent supporter of the symposium on vaccines. Who might they be? It’s not immediately apparently what they would have to do with vaccines. Well, I guess vaccines are the most commonly administered drugs to children, so that makes some sense. Who are they anyway?

You go to the website. Oh. That looks odd. Despite kind of broad statements about children’s health in their About Us they only have FAQs about aluminum and vaccines. A quick Google shows that they’re pretty much an anti-vaccine lobbying group. Well, not lobbying. Lobbying is old school.

I don’t actually know if there’s a term for these groups. It’s kind of like Astroturfing. It’s kind of like lobbying. Bought science? It’s a bad faith attempt to legitimize knowledge, where someone with very deep pockets sets up a puppet organization to promote the “science” of their cause. Big Tobacco probably was the first. Big Food does it a lot these days. Big Oil. Big X. Big Anti-Vaccine? Is that a thing now? Yeah, it kind of is. There’s so much concentrated money and passion that any controversial issue can buy its scientists. See it lots with climate change too.

I don’t know how it used to work. Industries have always sponsored studies. But then someone has to put that knowledge in motion. I dunno, maybe these front organizations have always existed. They just feel so prominent nowadays.

Anyway, back to the 3rd International Symposium on Vaccines. When you look at the schedule for the broader 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity, you see that the ISV is actually just a series of presentations on first day of the conference. In yellow, when the real talks are in blue. Offered at the same time as the basic science refresher courses. None of the real participants are coming on Wednesday. Or if they are, it’s just to get some croissants and coffee, maybe go to the nice dinner, and catch up with their colleagues that they haven’t seen since the 8th Congress.

Then you look on the sponsorship page. Christ, CMSRI is a principal sponsorThat’s BIG money! Ahead of Roche and GSK. Only is Big Diagnosis (the commercial labs and testmakers – where the big money in autoimmunity is, even ahead of the biologicals, I think) as big of a sponsor.

So you piece it together. The International Symposium on Vaccines isn’t a real thing. Or at least it’s not a good faith scientific conference like it’s pretending to be. It’s a fringe, anti-vaccine puppet demonstration. Going through the motions. It’s mimicry. This is the small male lizard changing his coloration. They’re adopting the rituals and shapes of science to get the legitimacy of science. Funky!

And since I’m doing this emailing thing now, I wanna ask the Congress how they justify their behaviour. Letting this rogue, anti-science group purchase its way into piggybacking on their legitimacy. That’s sketchy. What do they tell themselves?

(Ugh, it’s a shame I’m so late to the party. The conference has come and gone, and the 10th Congress doesn’t have a ISV Symposium on its books yet)

Let’s see. Here’s the message I sent.


I was wondering if the 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity plans to host the 4th International Symposium on Vaccines as they have for the last three. As I understand it, the Symposium is a sponsored session, taught as a course, and not included in the scientific program. How should I interpret the relationship between the ICA and ISV? Does the ICA endorse the ISV?


(my real name)

I kept it pretty soft-edged. They are under no obligation to answer me.

I guess I should somehow communicate this blog post to CMSRI on their Facebook. They have a fair number of friends, and stirring up vaccine controversy has built more than a number of careers. Ugh, I hate all this stuff you have to do build a blog. To my handful of readers, thanks, but if I want more of you, I’ll have to keep doing these things.

Ugh, I should probably actually send a similar note to them. Actually start a fight. Good attention, bad attention, does it make a difference when you’re building a blog?